11 Things you should have you in your gym bag

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Wahts in your gym bag?
Depends right?

I only tend to take a bag on a Saturday and Sunday’s. During the week I tend to get ready at home, grab a shake then hit the bench.

However weekends ...I load up!

With what?

·         Towel – you’re never going to dry after your show without the gym essential
·         Hand towel – I can’t stand it when people don’t wipe their sweat off machines!
·         Shower gel – wash that sweat away! #fresh
·         Protein shaker – used throughout the workout for my water then again after for my protein shake.
·         Powder pot -  A small container with my post workout protein powder
·         Weight lifting gloves – Some people don’t like using gloves, but I need them. I get very sweaty hands so to grip the bars, these are essential.
·         Headphones – to be plugged into your phone or ipod etc. I prefer wireless headphones as they don’t get in the way when lifting.
·         Change of clothes – No point in having a shower then getting back into your sweaty gym clothes! Change it up!
·         Mobile phone (for music and apps) – I use my phone throughout gym seshs, to listen to music and record my progress on.
·         Deodorant – Freshen up after that shower.
·         Note pad and pen (if your not using an app) – You need to track your progress each week. I prefer using an app but a pen and paper is just as good, if not better! It will save you texting, talking etc.

Ladies, I am sure there should be additional items including:

·         Hair brush
·         Shampoo and conditioner
·         Hair ties

·         Sports bar

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