Summer Fitness & Workout Ideas


Don’t be fooled! The fact summertime is just around the corner and you’ll be sweating and grasping for air mustn’t be an excuse enough for you to skip your workout routine. Oh, come on – like you weren’t thinking on ditching it!
Ok, now that we’ve eliminated quitting as an option, let’s explore ways that will make your summer working out as pleasant as it is during mildly warm/cold days, shall we?
Here we go…
Cardio boxing outdoors
If you’ve already got a trainer you are boxing with, ask him/her to take your fights outside. With the hot (but fresh) air out, you’ll be sweating more and losing more water but still be comfortable enough to exercise on your intense levels, as instructed by your trainer. An added bonus to boxing outside is that you’ll probably get hyped about the fact you are fighting outside – it will be like your little badas* moment, hustling in the streets and all that.
Rock climbing
You don’t actually have to climb rocks if you aren’t that adventurous but you can certainly book climbing sessions at your local sports center and climb those walls away. This exercise is extremely difficult as it demands not only physical strength but the play on your smart and quick thinking, adroitness and stamina.

Swimming is one of those perfect exercises to turn to, regardless of the time of year. Swimming is engaging all of your muscles and helping your body get fit in no time. As for swimming during hot summer days? It definitely qualifies as the perfect sport to opt for! Even going swimming every single day won’t be much. If you live by the beach, include some water sports in your swimming sessions like scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling and other fun stuff.
Hiking around/Running/Jogging
This one’s a classic. Hiking, running or jogging are variations to one and the same thing and are equally beneficial depending on the result you want to achieve. Anyhow, as the summer can get too hot to run outside in the afternoon, we’d suggest opting for late night running sessions; the breeze is colder, the temperature falls a few degrees and you can actually breathe while running.
Flying trapeze
For all the adrenaline junkies out there, flying trapeze is the perfect workout, especially during summertime. You’ll get a coach, you’ll get your sessions and there’ll be endless attempts until you get it right. Apart from improving your physical health, flying a trapeze is actually working on sharpening your mental strength as well as this skill requires a lot of focus, concentration and smart thinking.
Volleyball at the beach/ Basketball out

These two are classics; the only disadvantage to embracing volleyball and/or basketball for your regular workouts is that you depend on other people for play. However, if your friends are as active as you are, they’ll definitely want to participate.
Yoga in the yard
You won’t lose much weight doing yoga but you’ll gain the peace of mind you’ve been needing all this time. Embrace your morning yoga practice at the back garden of your house and enjoy it every morning or prior bed time. You’ll feel wonderful.
NOTE: No workout ever has helped anyone lose weight unless there was some diet change involved. With this in mind, let go of all things that come in a bag, from the fast food stand or a greasy pot. Make sure you eat a lot of fresh fruit and greens, and drink a lot of water. Make your delicious fruit salads with Greek yogurt when you feel like having a treat but keep things on the carb-low levels.

Unless you are planning on working out in a super-acclimatized spaces (although the artificial air from the air conditioner may be really heavy and unpleasant) or you are planning to find that one spot under the ground where the hot sun rays aren’t an obstacle for your intense workout, we suggest you adopt some of these great summer workout ideas and keep enjoying your fitness routine.

Dieting Mistakes

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Over the years, the main problem has been not knowing what I’m consuming, whether it be junk food, alcohol, sugar or excess carbohydrates. The last year I have started calculating the calories and starting to adjust my diet accordingly.  

Moov Now!

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Some claim that bodybuilding can negatively impact a young person’s growth, and it, in fact can, if not practiced properly. But, with a good plan, proper form when performing exercise any teen will reap numerous benefits of being a bodybuilder.

Get your Summer Body On

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