5 Minute workout at work?

Working in an office environment and rarely moving from your desk can be difficult to get your cardio in for the day!

But try and keep moving with those little tips:

  • Drink more water, you will then require more frequent trips to the loo. -And instead of taking the shortest distance, take the scenic route!
  • Every hour, on the hour go for a work around the office.
  • A no brainer, but use the stairs and not the lift.
  • Walk to the filing cabinet / printer not scoot across the room on your chair.
  • Make sure you take a lunch break. Were all guilty of having a 10 minute lunch at our desks! Get up, get out and walk about.
  • Take a 5 minute break and find a quiet corner and do the following twice a day! It will get your heart rate up and carry on burning calories after you’ve finished.

50 Jumping Jacks
20 Jump squats

20 Mountain climbers

20 x High knees

10 x Burpees

Plank x30 seconds

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