3 Must Have Kitchen Appliances

We have all heard that muscle is built in the kitchen. So as part of my fitness training and healthy eating, I am trying to improve the nitrates that I consume on a daily basis.

This all starts from buying the correct products, portion control and using the right ingredients. But with modern day life, time is pressures and every minute helps. Meal prep can be time consuming, boring and repetitive.

To speed cooking up and add a little fun I recommend the following as the best must have kitchen appliances for healthy living.


Fantastic bender! Not the cheapest on the market but does breakdown food to a smooth consistency. Amazing for making fruit smoothies as the stainless steal blades doesn’t seem to have a problem shredding the ice cubes. It’s able to cut through stems, tough skins to get the most from your fruit and veg as well as crack through seeds harder seeds.

8-Piece Set includes: 1 x High Torque Power Base, 1 x Extractor Blade, 1 x Tall Cup, 1 x Short Cup. It’s Sleek and compact and quick and easy to clean design is a must for busy life.

I would recommend checking out Amazon, for Nutribullet recipe books!

Digital Scales-

Salter 1036 Slim Design Electronic Platform Kitchen Scale - Black

A kitchen must for anyone on their cutting diet!

For years I have always wondered why I am not dropping fat. It wasn’t until I started weighing my food and realised I was over eating!

Weighing allows you to accurately determine the calories you’re consuming.    

George Foreman-

George Foreman 18471 Four Portion Family Grill

The lean mean grilling machine!

Love love love this machine. Used for every meal prep, it’s easy to clean, store and use! Heats up in seconds, its non stick, do you need any more reasons to purchase one?

The George Foreman comes with a small drip tray, which I find fascinating. The amount of fat that comes out the meats is unreal! Used to cook chicken, steak, sausages, bacon and more. One way to get rid of the unwanted fats in your food. 

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