Ted Baker Ted's Grooming Room: The Overnighter

I actually received this grooming kit as a Christmas gift a couple of months back. Its only recently I have actually started using it. Reason? Well, I have a small amount of designer stubble on my face and don’t like being clean shaven. Hence why I haven’t used the grooming kit.

However saying that, it was a waste sitting in the cupboard gathering dust, so thought I would give it a go.

On first impressions I loved the overnight bag that housed all the products. Large enough to carry all items plus plenty of room to add additional bits and piece for that overnight stay. Particularly loved the quirky zip shaped as a hair comb. I find it’s the small detail that finishes off the product!

Included with in the grooming kits was:

Carry Case
Hair Comb
Face Wash
Shave Gel
Shave Balm

The face cloth was particularly good quality. I always find when receiving such gifts, they are also cheap and thin! But this was thick, a good size and most of all soft! Great if you’re lying in the bath – soak in warm water before placing on your beard. Leave for 10 minutes before removing and adding the shave gel. Although the gel comes in a small tube, a little goes a long way.

The double sided comb I found most useful. Large teeth on the one side with the narrow on the other. Perfect for working its way through a longer beard or styling your locks.

Following washing out the remaining shave gel, using the face wash as directed to give a refreshing feeling of cleanliness. Followed by applying the shave balm.

I wasn’t much of a fan of the product smell but its good quality and good looking items. Perhaps a face cream needs to be added – my face left a little dry after washing.   

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