Day 2 ~ Legs & Abs

Feeling like jelly! Leg days are not my favourite but has to be done. Know body likes chicken legs!
I will be working the legs twice this week. Today will be more focused on power!   
This week, I was trying to push a little harder to gain that muscle size and definition that we all desire!  

As well as my legs, I was going to work my abs. However, due to my fat levels around my waist, I have decided to limit this until it’s dropped. Our wise I could potentially thicken the fat!
As per all my workouts, prior to the gym I have taking the following supplements to aid my workout (30 minutes prior):

BCAA’s – 5g
Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate – 2g
Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL – 5g

Set One
Set Two
Set Three
Set Four
Barbell Squat
12 x30kg
10 x 40kg
8 x 50kg
6 x 70kg
Leg Press
12 x 40kg
10 x 100kg
8 x 130kg
6 x 130kg
Lying Leg Curls
12 x 45kg
10 x 45kg
8 x 45kg
6 x 60kg
Leg Extensions
12 x30kg
10 x 35kg
8 x 40kg
6 x 55kg
Standing calf raise
12 x 35kg
10 x 41kg
8 x 48kg
6 x 55kg
Hanging knee raises

(Please note that exact results may vary based on the individual)

I don’t ever follow a leg workout with any cardio. As my legs are weak and wouldn’t cope with the stress.  

As a post workout supplement, I have taking MyProtein’s Hurricane XS. Great shake which hits your required carbs and protein, as well as creatine and HMB.

Tomorrow.... Arms!  

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