James Grage-Rewired 9 Week Fitness Plan

James Grage-Rewired 9 Week Fitness Plan 

This is a great all rounder plan, from newbies to professionals. The plan is focused on a 5 day workout which hits all the main areas.

Beginners, I suggest you start on lighter weights as you will be doing 15 reps to start, followed by drop sets. For the more advanced, just increase the start weight.

Prior to the workout, you should do a 15 minute run on approx speed 8. Instead, I have been doing HIIT training. 30 seconds bursts followed by 30 second rests. I repeat 4- 6 times. (This will burn more calories then one continuous run) And if your like me, I cant run for a long periods of time and this is a great way to get the cardio in.

The arm workout seems to take the longest - approx 1 hour 15 minutes, while the rest are just under an hour. I have been adding a little ab exercises in at the end of the workout too.

Day 5 - Back day, I tend to complete the exercises, followed by a short chest work out. (I am trying to increase strength in my chest and working it twice a week will accomplish this. I tend to do a decline bench press and decline flyes. Keeping with the programme, 15 reps, 12 reps and 10 reps.) I have found this has increased the weight I can left by 10kg so far. 

Due to work, I have moved my rest days and currently do the following:

Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - Arms
Wednesday - Legs
Thursday - Chest
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Back / Chest
Sunday - Shoulders

Follow the link to James's workout!

James Grage - Rewired

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