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I must have spent hours browsing through the endless apps on my mobile looking for useful, helpful and motivational apps! Allot seem to look great when your reading about them or flicking through the screen shots, but once downloaded they are so memorable that you don’t get used them. Taking up valuable space on your device and in most cases, the interface is crap; the information is poor or worst of all you’re bombarded by adverts!

Below are my top 5 apps, which used on a daily basis on my journey to discover the perfect body.


5 – Sworkit – A really great app designed for busy people using high intensity bodyweight workouts. Specify the amount of time you have from five minutes to an hour, then choice the style strength, cardio, yoga or stretching. Uses really easy to follow videos as well as count down timers. Use in the gym for a warm up or even at work to get a little exercise in!

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4 – Workout Trainer – Very similar to Sworkit. Again, fantastic user interface with flick through workouts. You can have a number of workouts ranging from HIIT, Plank challenge to Butt workout. All different lengths and intensities with easy to watch videos and timers. I like this one as it also tells your roughly how many calories you have burnt!


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3 – Microsoft Health – Used with the Microsoft Band 2. Your able to link your phone and watch together for daily stats from sleep to amount of steps taken that day! Because you’re wearing the watch you’ll have a more accurate idea of the amount of calories actual being burnt and can adjust your diet accordingly!  Records your sleep patterns and also gym workouts. shows a breakdown of the calories burnt in the gym, length of workout and as the recovery time of your body!  

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2- Jefit – My favourite workout app! Has a large database of pre-installed workouts which can also be customised. Has an online community, with members also able to post there workouts. I love this app as you’re able to track your workout at the gym. From the weight you used in the previous sesh to having a countdown timer between sets! This is really starting to help me, I no longer walk in the gym aimlessly, I have my plan and I’m ready to go!  

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1 – My Fitness Pal – Food / calorie counting app. Scan the product your about to consume and it details its calorie content. You’re able to set a goal of the amount of calories your looking to consume as well as customise the macros. Food can be displayed to view the protein, carbs and fat slit for the day (if that your goal). Shows the remaining calories you’re able to consume before you get to the end of the day. Again, has on an online community with members sharing advice and recipes! A must have app, if you’re looking to drop weight or build muscle – hence the macros.

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