Quick High Protein Snacks

Not sure about you, but I am always looking for a high protein snack that I can eat on the go! Whether this is at work as an afternoon snack, travelling or between meetings. Protein is key not only to fat loss, but to build muscle mass. So to aid your protein intake, try some of the following!

6 Cottage Cheese – I prefer Cottage Cheese with mixed in Pineapple! Approx. 15g of protein per 150g serving. I take a small tub to work and eat it as an afternoon snack. Keeps for a number of days and is cheap to buy.

5 Greek Yogurt – Again, cheap to buy and comes in a large pot. This can be split into smaller pots and taken to work. Add a small amount of Honey and some crushed Nuts for a refreshing midmorning snack. Can contain upto 6grams of protein per 100g serving.

4 Almonds – Can be bought in small snack bags and great to keep in the car or your desk drawer. About 4 grams of protein for 14 Almonds.

3 Boiled Eggs – Make them the night before and pop into the refrigerator. Tasty little snack that fits in your lunch box and great to eat in the afternoon. 6 grams of protein and 2gs of Healthy fats!  

2 Protein Bars – Quick, easy and can be purchased from most supermarkets. If you have time, make your own! But if you’re pushed, I recommend the Sci –Mx bars. Chocolate and Hazelnut!! Each bar contains 21g of Protein and 3.5g of fibre

1 Biltong – Aww my favourite! Again can be bought from all major supermarkets for about £3 for 100g. Chilli Biltong is amazing and contains 11 grams of protein per 25g serving! Grab a couple of bags and leave them in the car or your bag! AMAZING. 

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