Benefits of Activity Tracking

It’s not rocket science that inactivity leads to poor health and weight gain. Low productivity at work can even affect your personal life. Keeping active whether it is by walking, running, swimming or weight training can boost your overall health as well as increasing your confidence and wellbeing. 

Activity tracking devices are fast becoming the most popular way to track your activity. Depending on the watch, your able to track steps, calories burned, distance travelled and even monitors sleep.

The benefit of the tracker is to push you further than the prior day. Challenging friends and colleagues on social media gives the extra motivation to progress.  Most devices come with workouts your able to download, tips and adjustable goals that you’re able to set.

Watches range from £50 - £500 dependent on brand and model. However before jumping the gun, what will you be using it for?

If you’re an office dweller and rarely leaves their desk, a fitness tracker is a great reminder to get you up and out your seat! Hourly reminders are set to keep you up and moving throughout the day with the aim of achieving the 10,000 step daily target.

Regular gym goers are able to also benefit! Whether it is weight lifting or cardio training, watches are able to give an accurate heart rate and actual calories burnt in the gym, helping you push that extra bit more on the next visit.  

Used alongside other fitness apps, fitness trackers may assist in the reduction of fat and fitness goals. The use of the calories burned throughout the day can be placed into apps such at MyfitnessPal to calculate an accurate calorie expenditure / over expenditure.

Most of the trackers can be connected to your mobile apps for a handy breakdown of the day. Showing hours slept, amount of steps taken, areas of inactivity and as a weekly overview.

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