got2b Phenomenal Hair Product

Everyone wants to look their best and for most of us, that starts with our hair.
I don’t know how many hair products I have tried; the list must be endless searching for the perfect product for my hair type.

With so many different products out there all with different holds, effect and claims, making it difficult to select the correct product for yourself.

Firstly, you need to identify what you want the product for. Obviously it’s for your hair, but what type of style are you going for? How much hold do you require and if you require a matt or shinny finish.

Unfortunately my hair is thinning and got2b Phenomenal claims to thicken your locks. At £3.99 I thought it’s worth a go.

Firstly you don’t require a large amount of the product; a small pea size is more than enough. Working the product in to dry hair from the back of your head to the front. Phenomenal definitely thickens the hair but leaves it soft to touch but more important to me… it still moves! The amount of products I have tried that leave the hair stiff and unmanageable are endless. Offering a matt finish and awesome smell, I think I have found my hair product. 

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