Day 10 ~ Chest & Back

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First day back in the gym after Christmas! Although the gym was nice and quite I felt I was lacking in motivation and strength. Probably due to the over indulging over the festive period! The lack of strength showed in my bench press, which decreased from last week! However the dumbbell presses remained about the same but increased in wide grip lat pull downs and dumbbell rows. J  

I am starting to see more size and definition in the top of my arms and back. However I still have a lot of fat around my waist. So in the next couple of weeks I will try and add more cardio into my routine!

Prior to the gym I have taking the following supplements to aid my workout (30 minutes prior):

BCAA’s – 5g
Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate – 2g
Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL – 5g

Set One
Set Two
Set Three
Set Four
Dumbbell press
12 x 24kg
10 x 28kg
8 x 30kg
6 x 34kg
Dumbbell incline press
12 x 22kg
10 x 24kg
8 x 28kg
3 x 32kg
Assisted Pull ups
One arm dumbell row
12 x 24kg
10 x 24kg
8 x 24kg
6 x 24kg
Wide grip Lat pull down
12 x 41kg
10 x 54kg
8 x 61kg
6 x 68kg
Barbell Bench Press
12 x 30kg
5 x 50kg
6 x 40kg
8 x 40kg
Barbell incline bench press
12 x 20kg
10 x 25kg
8 x 30kg
6 x 40kg

Please note that exact results may vary based on the individual

Following the workout, I had also completed a small amount of cardio. 8 minutes on the rowing machine and just a 5 minute cool down on the treadmill.

As a post workout supplement, I have taking MyProtein’s Hurricane XS. Great shake which hits your required carbs and protein, as well as creatine and HMB.

Tomorrow.... Leg and Abs!

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