Day 13 ~ Shoulders & Back

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Well, all my hard work is paying off! Got a compliment in the gym today! A follow gym goer has noticed an increase in the size of my arms and back :) It really gives you the motivation to keep pushing!

As a pre work out snack I have consumed two slices of brown seeded bread with peanut butter and strawberry jam. As per all my workouts, prior to the gym I have taking the following supplements to aid my workout (30 minutes prior):

BCAA’s – 5g
Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate – 2g

Set One
Set Two
Set Three
Set Four
Dumbbell Arnold Press
12 x12kg
10 x 14kg
8 x 16kg
6 x 18kg
Shoulder shrugs
12 x 40kg
10 x 60kg
8 x 80kg
6 x 100kg
Smith Machine shrug

Dumbbell Lateral Raise
12 x8kg
10 x 8kg
8 x 12kg
6 x 12kg
Dumbbell Shoulder Press
12 x 12kg
10 x 14kg
8 x 16kg
6 x 20kg
12 x 30kg
10 x 50kg
8 x 70kg
6 x 70kg
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown
12 x 42kg
10 x 54kg
8 x 63kg
6 x 70kg
T-Bar row

One arm dumbbell row
12 x26kg
10 x 26kg
8 x 26kg
6 x 26kg

(Please note that exact results may vary based on the individual)

Today I have highlighted in Green, the areas where I have managed to increase the weight from the previous workout. Red will indicate a reduction and white, well just remained the same.

Following today’s workout, I hit the rowing machine again. Again another 12 minutes completed at a medium row.

I have been looking in the mirror and have been seeing definite size increasement in my shoulders and back area. In the next couple of weeks, I will try and increase the size of my chest by added another day’s workout in.

The results of today’s workout were recorded via the Microsoft Band 2:

As a post workout supplement, I have taking MyProtein’s Hurricane XS. Great shake which hits your required carbs and protein, as well as creatine and HMB.

Tomorrow.... REST!  

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