Day 16 ~ Legs & Abs

Well Leg day has come around again! Again the gym was busy but I’m sure it will quieten down in February.  

I have been feeling a little tried the past couple of day but was lefted as I took from friend. J Having a gym buddy is great motivation and really helps you push the extra rep out.

I made some great improvements on lasts weeks’ workout and can really feel my strength coming through. (Not sure if it’s the MyProtien Hurricane shake below!!  

As per all my workouts, prior to the gym I have taking the following supplements to aid my workout (30 minutes prior):

BCAA’s – 5g
Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate – 2g

Today I have added the x2 CLA capsules and x2 HMB tables, the same as yesterday.

Set One
Set Two
Set Three
Set Four
Barbell Squat
12 x 30kg
10 x 70kg
8 x 70kg
6 x 90kg
Leg Press
12 x 90kg
10 x 110kg
8 x 130kg
6 x 150kg
Lying Leg Curls
12 x 45kg
10 x 45kg
8 x 60kg
6 x 60kg
Leg Extensions
12 x25kg
10 x 25kg
8 x 25kg
6 x 30kg
Standing calf raise
12 x 48kg
10 x 61kg
8 x 68kg
6 x 82kg
Hanging knee raises
Torso Rotation
15 x 45kg
15 x 45kg
15 x 45kg
15 x 45kg

(Please note that exact results may vary based on the individual)

As you know, I don’t tend to follow a leg workout day with cardio. HOWEVER today we opted for a 10 minute run before hitting the weights.

Today’s leg workout achieved 665 calories burnt. Low compared to other workouts, however I didn’t do too much cardio.

As a post workout supplement, I have taking MyProtein’s Hurricane XS. Great shake which hits your required carbs and protein, as well as creatine and HMB.

Tomorrow.... Arms!  

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